"Kola" | Damien Jurado

Song Title: 


Artist: Damien Jurado


 What I love about this song:

"It's so much more than a poetic wagon of infatuation. The driving, urgent strumming reminds me of trying to drive fast in reverse, using only the rear view mirror.  It takes confidence. It's likely not going to last long, and may not end well, but the requisite reflection rewards risk.  This song does more in two minutes and thirty-four seconds than most songs do in a lifetime. " - Kevin D. Ammons

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 Fun Fact:

In 2017, Toyota made history by creating the first 100 second commercial advertisement for television ("R+S" depicting a daughter's gift to her aging parents: a wooden table reclaimed from a very special fallen tree).  In the 100 second version of the ad, the soundtrack featured "Carry You" by Novo Amor.  HOWEVER, in the edited 30 second version of the ad, the soundtrack featured "Kola" by Damien Jurado.