"Tuck the Darkness In" | Bowerbirds

Song Title: 
"Tuck the Darkness In" 


Artist: Bowerbirds 


 What I love about this song:

"The construction of this song is masterful! Acoustic guitar, some soft, steady snare drumming, and then the addition of the enchanting female vocal at 1:39; and suddenly it's their story instead of one guy telling his story.  (Check out how male bowerbirds build their nest and add a bunch of colorful objects to attract a female.  If she likes it she stops by and watches him dance).  

I love the ominous sounding strings at 2:03, but I'm not sure why.  I love that I had to listen twice before I was sure they were strings.

The wailing at the end is beautifully frightening.

And not that it embellishes the quality of the song, but I love the video. " - Kevin D. Ammons

 If you like:

Radiohead and Ben Folds Five

You're going to want to check out "Tuck the Darkness In" by Bowerbirds