"Angels, Ghosts & Demons" | Brett Shady

Song Title: 
"Angels, Ghosts & Demons" 


Artist: Brett Shady


 What I love about this song:

It sounds like it's being performed in a hardwood-floored auditorium.  Then, the "whoo-oooh-ooohing" starts, and you realize that you just might be on a steam locomotive; and when you roll past that Chris Isaac-sounding guitar, you know this is going to be worth the ride.  

But @ 3:09 the bottles!  And just when you're hoping it's not over with the confession that "time has rotted angels into demons and they follow me around"... you get that escape to the silo (hat tip to My Morning Jacket) and we know that Brett Shady is certainly not singing someone else's story.  - Kevin D. Ammons

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You're going to want to check out "Angels, Ghosts, & Demons" by Brett Shady

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