"Angels, Ghosts & Demons" | Brett Shady

"Shadows of the Dawn" | The Gray Havens

"Black Leaf" | The Cave Singers

"Tuck the Darkness In" | Bowerbirds

"Angels In Heaven" | Abby The Spoon Lady & Chris Rodrigues

"Dizzy" | Tabitha's Secret

"Kola" | Damien Jurado

"25th December" | Everything But The Girl

"Xylophone" | The Heavy Pets


"Black Holes (Solid Ground)" | The Blue Stones

"Reaction" | The Pale White

"Never Going Home" | Hazel English

"Nashville" | Sawyer

"Time of the Blue" | The Tallest Man on Earth

"Nothing" | Greta Karen

"Judy's Staring At The Sun" | Catherine Wheel (Featuring Tanya Donelly)

"Safari Song" | Greta Van Fleet

"Dinosaur Bones" | Stop Light Observations

"The Story (Live)" | Brandi Carlisle (with the Seattle Symphony)

"Folk Song for Jazz" | Ratboys