"Judy's Staring At The Sun" | Catherine Wheel (Featuring Tanya Donelly)

Song Title: 
"Judy's Staring at the Sun" 


Artist:Catherine Wheel 

(Featuring Tanya Donelly) 


 What I love about this song:

"It sounds like the mid-90's. I love the guitar acrobatics right up front. And that "feedback"-sounding guitar lick reminds me of the opening of 'cannonball' by the Breeders (and rightly so). And of course, Tanya Donelly's doubled up vocals during the hard break, just makes me want to play this on repeat." - Kevin D. Ammons

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You're going to want to check out "Judy's Staring at the Sun" by Catherine Wheel

Fun Fact:

Tanya Donelly sings the second verse on this Official Promotional video, yet (according to Wikipedia, after Belly's final album, Catherine Wheel's Label required that Lead singer Rob Dickinson's voice be the only one on the verses.

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