"Dizzy" | Tabitha's Secret

Song Title: 


Artist: Tabitha's Secret


 What I love about this song:

"I love this song for the same reason I love college football ... it happened prior to members of this band graduating into commercial success. therefore it is played with passion for all the right reasons.

The crisp guitar work and chimes are a metaphors for the "rain outside"

It seems like an honest, internal discussion from someone desperately trying to reconcile the frustrating disparity between Hope and the Despair of the delinquent arrival of those things so desperately hoped for.

'inside ... I play with shadows' is a brilliant line, preceded by a slightly more optimistic vocal than the rest. 

And the bridge to nowhere because he's so 'dizzy' is well,... enough said." - Kevin D. Ammons

 If you like:

Matchbox 20 and Rob Thomas

You're going to want to check out  "Dizzy" by Tabitha's Secret